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This house in north Oshawa is overstuffed - we are making paths daily, but they are narrow, and finding room for tables and tablecloths and display cabinets and pretty pictures is almost impossible. 

What to do? We are setting up a "picker sale" for the first weekend in March.  MARCH 2-4/18

What does this "picker sale" mean to you? It means there will be a very informal first sale, with none of the usual set-ups you typically see at our sales. This means you get to be the treasure hunters, and do your own "digging", with limited access to all of the house. There is sooo much stuff in this house, we are going to sell a few layers inside on Friday March 2, and Sunday Mar 4th. On Sat Mar 3 we will open up the STUFFED garage (weather permitting) and accept offers on the treasures in there. We will host a sale like you are used to with A2B Estates for MARCH 10 & 11/18, with every room open and ready for you to return for more! Sounds like fun, right?

See what we mean...??? This will be fun! The items are awesome - just TOO many of them. CU soon!

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