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Resolution 2015 Updates

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 3:05 PM

I made these Resolutions on New Years Eve, and today I thought I'd check in and see how I am doing. 

I will do more (and everything I can) to avoid landfill - ongoing - taking lunch in washable containers with me every day really helps

I will keep my car clean(er) - my on the road all the time office needs a scrub!!! but at least it's not piled high...

I will (try hard) to walk the dogs every day - even when it is too cold - struggling with the cold...

I will do more yoga - this one is easy - loving the "hot" classes this time of year

I will do more DRESS social media work - Jan 8th update, 1st of the year... well, will keep trying

I will cook from scratch as often as possible to avoid pre-packaged food - this is tough with crazy schedules, but we are 7/8 so far

I will take my vitamins and not forget - ummm....

I will write in my diary EVERY day - or get caught up the next :)

I will take more pictures of family and friends and store them safely - my new phone has an awesome camera, so grateful for that

I will help you and your fmily any way I can !!! - another easy one, give call me and see...

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? How are you doing with yours? Maybe your resolutions are to be more organized, or even better, to retire to Bali?

Do you need some assistance keeping them?

Let us help you live a life less cluttered and more organized. We can help you create the space you really need.

A simple call to Lisa at (289) 928 8790 can help you reach your goals and succeed with your every resolution.

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