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Most Frequently Asked Question?

Posted on January 5, 2016 at 12:35 AM

The first question most people ask when they walk in the front door of one of our Estate Sales is, "Who died?"

The answer, 50% ish of the time, is "No One!"

Of course, discretion and privacy will always wrap any answer we do give, but the reality is is that many of our clients are homeowners who have decided to downsize to a smaller home. This may be due to retirement, divorce, or debt, but they are alive, and may just be at the sale, helping out shoppers and staff!

Our Estate Sales are designed to sell off a large portion (or all) of a home’s contents quickly, so that the next stage in a person's life can begin.

We sell an all-encompassing range of possessions, from the cheapest (used board games and towels) to the most expensive (antique sterling silver, cars, and high-end furniture). What is junk to one person may be a gem to another (folk art, obscure collectibles, a vintage 60s miniskirt, out-of-date travel guidebooks, etc.) 

Durham Region Estate Sales are an excellent way to ensure that while you are living, you and your family can, with our help, start your new life, free of unwanted possessions and proceeds in hand.   

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