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Posted on July 12, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Shopping at one of our Estate sales often means finding something you didn't even know you needed. :) 

Sure, there is almost always a few good items that you could update your home, cottage, or dorm room with, but there is also an abundance of opportunities to be found as well.

In this economy, people are looking for more ways to earn extra income, and the re-sale market can provide a good source of $$$.

Buying and selling online is "easy".  If you have a computer, or even just a very smart phone, you're well on your way. You also will need to know how to buy "low" so you can sell "high". This requires a bit of research, time, diligence, and consistency, and again, all of the information you need to begin is available online. There are apps for that, and numerous websites devoted to the "how to" of re-selling new and used items successfully.

Here are few of my own tips to get you started.

1. Buy things you love, but won't mind parting with down the road. This means you get to enjoy the item as part of your own "collection", and still feel good about mailing it off when it sells.

2. Find a "niche" or specialty catagory to help others find you more easily when your items are up for sale.

3. Take advantge of all the free social media platforms to help you advertsie your items for sale, i.e. twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. Use lots of #tags, and pictures to help you describe the item to potential buyers.

4. Look for treasures that fit withiin your niche, but don't limit yourself. Adding variations of a theme are always good.

5. Keep your eyes open for bonus rounds. Many items at our sales are often brand new in box, still with tags on, and these are quite easy to re-sell quickly at a profit. Use those apps, and see what we mean! 

Shop our Durham Region Estate Sales and Services Content, Moving and Downsizing sales early for the best selelction, and come back when we are selling at half price or better for the best deals! We look forward to helping you any way we can!  See you soon!

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