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*** First Thing First***       
PLEASE do not clear out things to trash or donation before we arrive. 

Let us help you determine what is sellable and what isn't! 

We know what people will buy and what our loyal shoppers collect. 

Our clients are often very surprised by what sells! 

We meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to go over the many ways that we can assist you and your family. A2B Estates is unique in our ability to provide you and your family with individualized options tailored to suit your requirements. 

Estate and Content Sales
-the Liquidation of all Household Assets 

Whether you are settling the estate of a loved one, or are clearing out your own home to move, we can organize every aspect of the process for you. 

Evaluating and liquidating an estate and/or unwanted assets can be time-consuming and frustrating. Yes, it is possible to do it yourself, but if you are at all concerned about the potential value of your property, or have limited time and energy, we will provide a quick and worry-free solution to your overwhelming situation.

We are that extra set of hands, and we know what we are doing! 

You can feel confident knowing that our team will treat your estate with discretion and respect, and that we provide an experienced, professional approach. 

When you contact us, we will sit down with you at your convenience and work out a plan based on your specific needs. There is no need to clean or remove anything prior to our visit - some items are not suitable for resale, but we can determine this at our visit. 

Many items you might consider to be "junk" is another's "gold"- save time and energy and let us sell it for you.  

At the end of the sale, any unsold items are removed as arranged, and we sweep the house clean! 

We would be happy to help ease the burden of responsibilities. 

Please email or call us (289) 928-8790 to arrange for our no-obligation consultation.

Asset Appraisals

We provide appraisals on one item, or on entire households.  

If you would like to know the value for disbursements, settlements, insurance, or resale value, we can help. 

Please reach us using the contact form below, or give us a call (289) 928-8790.  

Moving/Packing Service

Moving, or getting ready for a move can be over-whelming. 

A2B Estates Services is here to help. 

From the attic to the basement, and everywhere in between, we sort, carefully pack, and label your prized possessions, ready for the trucks to arrive.  

Wcan provide the boxes, tape, and wrap, and you can leave your clothes hanging in your closet - we will pack them in wardrobe boxes for you, and even have them hanging up in your new home. 

We also offer unpacking for you too, and help to organize so you have even more time to relax. Our friendly and professional A2B Estates Service will contract the professional movers and over-see the entire process. 

We can't wait to help you move! 

Please ask for a copy of our complimentary Durham region Estates Moving Checklist, available here 


Do you have too much stuff, and not enough hours in the day? 

The specialists at A2B Estates will, room by room, item by item, help you determine what is truly important to you and your family. 

We will let you know when you have something unique, antique, or collectible, and the heirlooms you wish to sell will be researched and valued according to condition and collectability. 

We can prepare all items you will not need any longer for a professional 

A2B Estate Content Sale. We will organize, advertise, and securely host the sale for you, providing you with the proceeds and an itemized list of all that was sold. 

We make it easy! Make one simple call to (289)928-8790 and relax!

Content / Tag Sale

A content or tag sale is an effective method of selling your unwanted and unnecessary belongings in your home prior to resale, or when you are ready to clear some space. 

We do all of the work for you! We will sort, itemize, price, advertise, and display all items for sale in a secure way and host an orderly one, two, or three day event.

We advertise online and in the area and send out emails to over 1000 valued email subscribers, as well as vendors, collectors, and dealers. 

We do all of the negotiating with customers. 

At the end of the day, this provides you with all of the proceeds and no effort.

We take care of everything - we provide showcases, tables, staff and security. 

Yes, we bring coffee too! 

And we make it fun! 

Clear the clutter with a call to (289) 928-8790


Selling antiques, collections, rare items, art, jewellery, decorative items, household items, odds 'n sods, and even what some people might consider 'junk' - this is what we do for you!  

We have a very successful Ebay reputation and specialize in selling 18th, 19th, and 20th C decorative items. Our contacts with art galleries, museums and auction houses in Canada, the U.S, and Europe allow us to offer extensive research and thorough investigations, meaning your valuables receive fair market value.

We save you the time-consuming running around and guesswork associated with pricing and selling your unwanted possessions.


We advertise and market your items to optimize the reach of potential serious buyers. 

We make it simple.  One no-obligation call to (289) 928-8790 is all it takes.

Household Clear-Outs, Consignments & "Junk Removal"

When an estate or content sale is not a viable option, A2B Estates Sales and Services may arrange for buy-outs of full contents, partial contents, and single item purchases. 

We also provide removal of all items in the home for donation and disposal. 

We charge much less than "junk" removal companies, and our mission, first and foremost, is to avoid unnecessary landfill.  We will sort and send what we can to local non-profits, and we can arrange to have items of interest placed on consignment for you or the Estate.

For household clear-outs please call us at (289) 928-8790 or email us with the form for your no-obligation consultation.



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What do we offer?

-  Our Proven Estate Sale System

-  Fun and Friendly Customer Service

-  Caring, Reliable, and Considerate Crew

-  Bonded and Qualified Uniformed Staff

-  Safety and Security of Home and Contents 

-  Professional and Thorough Advertising

-  Convenient, on-site credit card processing

-  Access to the most up-to-date research resources

-  Experience, Discretion, and Confidence with sale items

-  Removals and Clean Up after our services as arranged

Who We Are

A2B Estates Sales and Services is an experienced and professionally managed company located in Oshawa, On., and services all of Durham Region and surrounding areas.  Our team works together to ensure we provide you with unique, customized services.

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 

Our team of 10+ experienced and uniformed staff provide everything from brains to brawn - (and beauty too!)

With our experience, our professionalism, our reputation, and our qualifications, we know you will be happy working with A2B Estates Sales and Service. 

Please feel free to contact us  

Why Us?

Because we work professionally as Estate Liquidators, Sales Hosts, Appraisers, Organizers, and as experienced re-sellers in the field (and on the field), we are unique in being able to provide efficient service and fair market evaluations and consignment options to ensure your valuables receive the very best care, and the very best prices. Our connections in the antiques and collectible market are world-wide, and we have an established and reputable on-line auction presence with very high customer satisfaction. Our business is family owned and operated, and our staff are specialists in sales and customer care, and we are motivated to help you every way we can. 

When you want to sell, move, or just lighten the load, Durham Region Estate Sales will help you every step of the way.
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